jueves, 25 de febrero de 2016

Whatsapp Sim

Whatsapp is among the most popular messaging services around the globe. Usually Wi-Fi or any other internet connection is required to chat through Whatsapp. Sometimes the non-availability of internet makes it difficult for the users to send messages and share other stuff. This problem was solved by the introduction of Whatsim.

Whatsim is the name given to Whatsapp sim that has made the life of Whatsapp users very much convenient than before. It allows you to send messages and share media without any internet connected on your android or smartphone. Also it costs the user nothing to send messages and allows the user to use the service without any limits.
Whatsim was created by Manuel Zanella who is also the inventor of I am watch that is a smart watch. Whatsapp sim was launched by a company Zeromobile in Italy. 

The basic idea behind it was the facilitation of Whatsapp users as the internet connection limits its availability specially during travelling that dissatisfies users. However internet connection is not a problem owing to the creation of Whatsim.
Whatsapp sim provides its users a great coverage despite the location. Nearly 400 operators work for it and allow you to connect in around150 countries all around the world. This is not all, in case the user changes his position, the previous provider is switched to the better mobile for providing the users bests services without letting the user know about it.

How you can get your Whatsapp sim? This is quiet easy. You can buy your sim from Whatsapp website for €10 that makes around $ 12 throughout the world and you also can enjoy Whatsapp services for 1 year without paying any extra charges and without any need of Wi-Fi or mobile data in your android or smartphone. Also there is no limit to its use. However you have to pay some extra charges for media sharing like pictures and videos. Whatsim makers have announced that they will sell the sim for €5 in developing countries to facilitate their users. 

The annual paying non expiring system of Whatsapp makes it one of the best and easiest ways of communication. Company is also trying to make the sim and recharge available through local networks.
As it requires recharge after 1 year so Whatsapp sim makers have cared for your convenience here too. You can buy a recharge by simply going to Whatsim website and can pay for you 1 year recharge. This is one quick and easy way that saves the users from many other troubles.

Earlier attempts were also done to provide limitless Whatsapp chatting services. Whatsapp Company along With E plus (a telecommunication company) launched a prepaid sim in Germany to provide free Whatsapp to the users. But this service was only limited to Germany.

Whatsapp sim is a great blessing for Whatsapp users. It allows you to chat anytime anywhere without any restriction. You can connect to the whole world using this. It is indeed a marvelous creation.

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